Banking Jobs

Job Description Examples by Industry and Job Title

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Branch Manager Job Description Template

Branch managers are responsible for overseeing operations in financial institutions. Typical duties may include training new employees, conducting meetings, supervising day-to-day operations, handling complaints, performing disciplinary actions and maintaining a safe working environment. In order to find the right branch manager for your organization, the first step is to create strong banking job descriptions.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report on the average salary for branch managers, but it does report that financial managers earn a median annual wage of $117,990 and sales managers earn an average of $113,860. Branch managers may earn close to those wages, although it depends on a variety of factors. It is wise to find out what the average salary is in your area so you can create a salary range that will be enticing to potential employees.

Financial Advisor Job Description Template

Financial advisors discuss financial goals with their clients and counsel them on retirement and investment decisions. Typical duties may include soliciting new business, attending network events, explaining financial products, recommending and selecting investments, and providing education about potential risks. In order to find high-quality financial advisors, it is imperative that you create outstanding banking job descriptions.
The median annual wage for financial advisors, according to the BLS, was $89,160 in 2015. This can vary greatly depending on the industry and location, and the job outlook is estimated to grow much faster than average. It is a good idea to know what the average salary is in your area so you can properly create a range to attract qualified financial advisors.

Investment Analyst Job Description Template

Investment analysts are responsible for analyzing financial information in order to make smart decisions about potential investments. Some of their job duties may include interpreting data, forecasting business and financial conditions, discussing important trends, submitting daily reports on market conditions, and advising clients in regards to market fluctuations. Writing quality banking job descriptions is important if you want to attract the right person for the job.
While the BLS does not list the average salary for investment analysts, it does report that financial analysts earn a median annual salary of $80,310 and financial examiners make a median salary of $78,010. Investment analysts can expect to earn a salary that is similar to these two occupations. It is a good idea to find and list the average salary for your area if you want to find a good quality employee.

Loan Officer Job Description Template

Loan officers are responsible for evaluating and recommending approval for loan applications, both personally and commercially. Loan officers may be required to solicit new business and market the services and products of lending institutions. Other tasks may include explaining loans and their terms, obtaining financial information, and making sure that loan agreements comply with state and federal regulations. All pertinent information should be included when writing banking job descriptions so that you get a quality employee.
The median annual salary for loan officers is $63,430, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can vary depending on location and other factors, so it is smart to find out what the average is in your area. This will ensure you attract the right loan officer.

Teller Job Description Template

Responsible tellers are important in the banking industry. They are responsible for processing transactions such as depositing money, cashing checks, and collecting payments for loans. Some typical tasks include counting cash, answering account questions, preparing money orders, ordering checks and bank cards, recording transactions, and exchanging dollars for foreign currency. In order to find a trustworthy teller, it is important to create in-depth and effective banking job descriptions.
The BLS indicates that the median annual wage for tellers in 2015 was $26,410. The job growth is estimated to be slower than average, although this can vary from one place to another. It is a good idea to know what the expected wages are in your area so you can advertise a salary range that will attract qualified applicants.